How to Choose Road Roller and the Selection Ways

To choose vibratory compactor roller according to engineering quality requirements:

1.If want to obtain uniform compaction density, can choose wheel type roller machine. Wheel roller in rolling work does not destroy the original soil viscosity, good combination between the soil properties, combined with the front wheel can swing, compaction is relatively uniform, so there will be no false compaction situation.

2.To make the pavement compaction level off, can choose the drive type roller machine construction. The compact roller compaction ability request is not high, can use line pressure is lower and the flexible roller. As soon as possible to achieve compaction effect, can choose the large-tonnage roller, to shorten the construction period.

Second, according to the layer thickness choice vibratory road roller :

1) When the roller compacted asphalt concrete pavement, should be based on the mixture paving thickness choose the weight of the roller, the amplitude and vibration frequency. And where there is a layer of thin layer thickness less than 60mm, it is best to use the amplitude of 0.35 0.60 mm 2-6t small vibrating road roller, which can avoid heap, wave material and damage the phenomenon such as aggregate.

2) At the same time, in order to prevent too cold asphalt mixture should be in paving by rolling. For thickness is greater than 100 mm thick layer, high amplitude should be used (up to 1.0mm), 6-10 t of large and medium-sized vibrating road roller.

3. Depending on the type of road (level) options:
1)The one and second class national trunk roads and motor way, should be used with a high ability of large vibrating road roller; For level 3 of the following road, or not often, when the compaction, best equipped with the vibration of the flexible roller about 3t.
2)For cement concrete road pavement, can be used driven tire type tandem vibratory roller.
3)For asphalt concrete road pavement, should choose the drive type vibratory roller.
4)For advanced bottom of pavement subgrade, had better choose pneumatic tyre roller or tires driving vibratory roller compaction, in order to obtain uniform compactness.

5)When repairing the road can choose the static effect type roller.

According to the types of crushed material selection:
1.For rock fill compaction, should choose large-tonnage roller, so that a large piece of material displacement occurred.
2.For clay compaction, it is best to use the convex block of tamping roller.
3.For mixture compaction, had better choose vibratory roller, so that the size of aggregate mixed evenly.
4.Deep compaction appropriate used heavy duty vibratory roller slowly rolling, shallow, should choose the static roller.

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